a photographic exhibition of comedians at work and at play

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

Pleasance Dome Bar & Café, Venue 23
This exhibition returns to the Fringe after exhibiting at the prestigious Stills Gallery last year and at the Leicester Comedy Festival earlier this year. In ‘Clicking Comedians’, comedian and photographer Steve Best exhibits some of his finest and most popular photographs to date. His many years on the comedy circuit means he is known and trusted by some of the funniest people on earth and this unique relationship has enabled him to gain exclusive access to the ‘behind the scenes’ world of the comedy business.
For over 25 years, Steve Best had been delighting audiences around the world with his particularly silly brand of stand-up comedy. Then, one day, backstage at a gig, he took a blurry photo of Ross Noble on his mobile phone and there began the start of a whole other career.
As his reputation for being a very talented photographer grows, so does the demand for his photos from galleries to comedians. Alan Davies, David Baddiel, Tim Key have all used his work, and a good few of Steve’s photos are being used on comedians’ posters at this year’s Fringe.
Since the Ross Noble photo, Steve has moved from mobile phone to high end FujiFilm X Series cameras, he has taken thousands of photos of comedians - both frontstage and backstage, published two books; Comedy Snapshot and Joker Face, and held exhibitions around the UK. Steve captures everyone from the very new, to the seasoned professionals, to the downright famous.