Facts about Steve Best

:: Steve Best is a very funny comedian and hugely talented photographer.

:: He is the Visiting Lecturer for the Comedy Module on the drama course at Middlesex University

:: Steve was a finalist of the Young Magician of the Year in 1985.

:: Steve has been on British television and radio many times.

:: He is a kind man, married to a beautiful woman from the former Yugoslavia.

:: He has two children and never forgets their birthdays.

:: Steve shaves his own head and stubble, grade one all over.

:: He has passed grade 8 at the flute.

:: He is conversational in the Serbo-Croatian language.

:: Steve is a twin (fraternal). His twin brother is ten minutes older than him. Time, he’s told, for his mum to have a cup of tea in-between deliveries.

:: One year at secondary school Steve got an A for effort and an A for attainment in every single subject on his end of year school report. He then became obsessed with magic and performing and ended up getting an O level grade for his French A level. Merde!

:: He has never played Candy Crush.

:: Steve Best Interview
THE BRITISH COMEDY GUIDE - 1st December 2017